Rien Coertjens

web developer
coding artisan

Frontend oriented fullstack web developer raised by designers (literally). Always on the pursuit for efficiency through simplicity and minimalism, as a developer at work and contemporary nomad in life.

Hi, I'm Rien

I always loved taking things apart, figuring out how they work, putting them back together and fixing them in the process. I was born in a family of 'right brained' creatives, but my creativity manifests itself in technical problem solving. Nonetheless, a correct eye for aesthetics is not lost on me.

I have been living in different places in Belgium and Spain, looking for life experiences and enjoyment while working, requiring a minimal and efficient setup. Soon I'll embark on a new adventure to Bangkok, Thailand, my first time leaving European soil.

In January 2018 I started working as freelance web developer with GatsbyJS under the name WEBhart

What I can do.

After learning programming, database and querying fundamentals in high-school, I have been working with different languages, technologies and platforms:

  • front-end (HTML/CSS, JS, React, GatsbyJS)
  • back-end (php, WordPress)
  • API (php, MySQL, xml, json, rest)

I'm the passionate about creating slick websites work well and look good, and have been working with the React static site generator GatsbyJS since January 2018.





Vanilla ES6 / jQuery 








theme-ui, emotion-js 








modifications to use WP as a headless cms 

git / github

small contributions to oss projects 


build gatsbyjs site in Circle CI & deploy to netlify 

Objective C

iOS apprenticeship in 2012 



second nature 




working proficiency 


elementary proficiency 

Why me?

Living and working in different places, working by myself away from home, I have had to do things independently all my life.

Open minded
Working for Austrian or English companies in Spain, with colleagues and clients from all over the world, has taught me to collaborate with people from different cultures and mindsets.

Most of what I can do and know, I have learned by myself out of interest for the subject. Going into practice as soon as possible, learning by doing and looking for resources online.

I like to analyse problems, workflows, situations, ... and see if I can improve their efficiency. I'm not afraid to (propose a) change to the way things are done or built in order to optimize, minimize, or retain the essence.

I am low-key in my presence, but always attentive. I like to analyse before engaging. Though I will word my ideas when utilization applies.

Eye for aesthetics
Growing up in a family of designers, with parents working form home, I've had to judge graphical elements regularly. I'm not a complete designer but can make something look good if need be.

Where I come from.

After high-school, worked as a junior developer, starting with a 6 month apprenticeship, for almost 2 years. After taking a break from developing to study, I discovered cycling and got more and more fanatical. I worked part-time as a mechanic while traveling changing home base. In 2018 I rediscovered my love for programming and started building websites as a freelancer.

Jan 2018


tailormade websites

coding artisan

I work as freelance web-developer, All WEBhart sites are proudly built with gatsbyjs, a blazing fast future proof "static site generator", with an amazing open-source community gaining traction fast.

Jan 2018


ideeën die goed in hun vel zitten

coding artisan

Lu'cifer graphic design, founded parents 25 years ago, having been graphic designers since before the computer age. My dad started out with screen printing about 35 years ago, a true design artisan. I joined Lu'cifer and together we build beautiful, blazing fast websites.

Jan 2018
Jul 2018

Bike Breaks

Girona cycle center

Bicycle mechanic

Bike Breaks is the biggest bicycle rental center of Girona, the cycling mekka of Europe. I have worked there part-time as a mechanic while starting out with WEBhart.

Aug 2017
Dec 2017

Eat Sleep Cycle

mechanic, guide, web-developer, handy-man

ESC is a bicycle touring and rental company in Girona. A new company when I started. Officially a mechanic, but in practice I did a bit of everything due to my prior experiences.

Aug 2017


I packed a suitcase and a bike and moved to Girona. Looking for something in between the nice place to live (Belgium) and a nice place to ride (Gran Canaria).

Feb 2017
Aug 2017

Rijwielen Smets

3rd generation bicycle mechanics

bicycle mechanic

Rijwielen Smets is a bicycle shop and workshop that I had been eying for a while, owned by Johan Smets, a 3rd generation bicycle mechanic.

Feb 2017

Bicycle Mechanics Certificate

Recognized by the Belgian government. At the time it was a requirement for owning a bicycle workshop.

Oct 2015
Feb 2017

Free Motion bike center

Cycling rocks

bicycle mechanic

I worked for Free Motion in Gran Canaria in the winters of 15-16 and 16-17.

Oct 2015

Gran Canaria

I lived in Gran Canaria from October 2015 until April 2016 months, and from October 2016 until March 2017.

Oct 2014
Oct 2016

Decathlon Belgium

bicycle mechanic

I worked in the national service center and in a store workshop.

Sep 2012
Jun 2014


school teacher student

I studied to be primary-/high-school teacher for 2 years.

Jan 2013
Sep 2013


sales clerk

During college, I had a weekend job as sales clerk in Apple Reseller Easy-M (now Switch).

Nov 2010
Jun 2012


junior developer

At Appstrakt (now november five) I started a 6 month programming apprenticeship in iOS development (Objective-C) and was asked to stay as a junior developer. I worked on different kinds of projects. Mainly php and back-end work but also front-end and some in-house tools.


check out my previous work: web-hart.com


I like building websites that travel fast and light. Streamlined and built with a purpose, not weighed down with unnecessary bulk but equipped with essential properties; secure, fast, and readable by man and machine (SEO) on all devices (responsive).


When I went to the scouts, everyone was given a totem - an animal based on their personality. Mine is “Trustworthy Hart” which as you can guess I’m quite proud of. The description goes as follows:

“All the movements of the Hart are graceful, proud and dignified. The Hart is careful but when it feels safe, it gives its confidence. It has excellent developed senses. In the mating season, the Hart often becomes irritated and angry for the slightest trifle. The Hart is sensitive and social, but mutually combative. The Hart is quick, vigilant and inseparable from their fawns.”